Training Video Links


This page contains a complete set of video links that will allow you to view at your own pace, from your own computer, and outside of Second Life (or inside SL if you want).

You will need the latest version of Quicktime to view the videos.  Find the topic you would like to view, copy the URL into QuickTime's URL field, and enjoy the video.  Double clicking on the link may or may not work.  Just use QuickTime, and copy/paste the URL.

NOTE:  If you have a TV from SL that has a menu with a notecard configuration file, you can load these URLs into the notecard.  Make sure you follow the strict format for the notecard for your particular model tv. 

If you would like to have the latest in multimedia technology to play these videos, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please notify us of any broken links. Please close this page when you are done.


Description Video URL
Second Life Animations
Remove the SL Typing Animation


The SL Camera
Building a Flag in SL
SL Note Cards
Using HUDS in SL
Working with Sculpties
Buying Linden Dollars
The SL Search
Search Issue Tracker
The New SL Search
Shopping in SL
Navigating (moving) in SL
The SL Camera
More SL Camera Tips
Friendship in SL
Chatting in SL
The SL Pie Menu
More on the SL Pie Menu
Landmarks and Teleporting in SL
SL Annoyances
SL Sound
The SL User Interface (and tricks)
The Show Options
Managing Your Inventory in SL
More on Managing Inventory
Improving SL Viewer Performance
Managing Groups in SL

Setting Group Permissions
The SL Beacon
Uploading Sound to SL
Getting Your "Stuff" into Search
Using Multiple Viewers in SL
Reporting Bugs in SL
Text Chat and Macros
Tiny Prims
The SL Building Grid

Using Undo in SL
Texture Info
Making a Gift Box in SL
SL Tips and Tricks
Snap Show Magic
Your Appearance in SL
Opening and Selling Boxes
Sending a Postcard in SL
Your SL Profile
Using Gestures in SL
Default Textures
Making a Glowing Neon Sign
Auto Scripting