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This page serves to provide links to some of our favorite tips, tools, books, videos, and more.  Many of them will get you up to speed quickly in the process of bettering your virtual world experience.  Please inform us if any of the links are broken.  Also let us know if you have a link that you would like added to this page..


The following links highlight a collection of videos to help assist you in making your Second Life experience a good one.  Most of these are videos produced by Linden Labs.  They are put here for your convenience and ease of access.  Enjoy and learn!  You can also view these videos in-world.  See the instructions.

Take a look at video collection 1 or video collection 2. 

This link highlights a collection of music streams to help assist you in making your Second Life experience a good one.  The music streams can be listened to both in-world, and outside of SL.
Qavimator - If you are looking to create your own custom animations, and you just do not want to spring for the latest version of poser, Qavimator does a pretty good job getting you started.  And it is free!

SculptyPaint - Working with sculpties is not only fun, but it can also save on those valuable prims in Second Life.  If you want to try your hand at making your own sculpties, you can get a free copy of this great software.  It will take a while to get comfortable software, but it is well worth the effort. .

Textures...Textures...Textures - Some great texture tools and tips that you can use when you check out these great free textures.

Here is a very basic LSL script generator.  You can get some useful information from the generated scripts.  You can combine them to have multi-purpose functionality, but soon, you will be on your way to writing your own. Here is another one called S4SL that has not been tried by us, but it certainly looks interesting.

Here are some other tools that can be found on the Reaction Grid web site.
Creating Your World

Weber, Rufer-Bach, Platel


ISBN:  978-0-470-17114-1