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Thinking of starting a project in either Second Life or OpenSimulator (OpenSim), and you just do not know where to begin? Are, you in the middle of a project, and you just do not know where to go from there? Or, are you thinking about starting a project, and you need help with the justification? Our team can help you in any phase of a project from start to finish. Designing a functional and quality virtual environment is not an Information Technology endeavor. It takes many skills: content knowledge, science, technology, physics, art, game design, and more. Here are just some of the key services that we offer:

Justification Services - Meet with our team to discuss your needs. We will help justify your project by presenting to your team and to those from whom you need support.

Custom Design Services - A considerable amount of expertise is required to embark on a Second Life project. Not only does one need to know the principles of level design (as defined by the entertainment gaming industry), one needs to know the total Second Life environment, including the tools necessary to deliver a quality virtual world to suit your needs. The learning curve on these skills is very steep. Many of the solutions that you need may already be present and available. Why spend the time re-inventing the wheel? We have an entire library of assets available for your use. Spend the time focusing on your content rather than recreating solutions that already exist Our team is very well versed in all these aspects.

Building Services - The tools required to make a successful virtual environment are vast, require a wide range of skills, and require a considerably long time to master. Our team has the knowledge in these tools which can help you deliver your project in a short amount of time. You name it, we can build it: landscaping, furniture, animations, textures, buildings, scripting, clothing, custom items, and much more. We also make use of available items to save both time and expense (we will just customize them for you specific environment).

Training Services - You may want to get up to speed on your own, or you just may want the knowledge necessary to maintain a project once it is delivered. Packaged and custom training services are available to fit your needs.

Educational Implementations - Members of our team are both educated and experienced in delivering education in distance learning environments (as well as traditional settings). In order to implement the pedagogy, or experiment with new forms of pedagogy, one needs to know what is available. The current state of virtual reality is at a point where it can have a revolutionary impact on education.. Tap our expertise so that you can effectively partake in this revolution.

Business Services - Whether you are thinking of an in-world business with products you create, or if you are thinking of marketing real world products in a virtual world, we can help. Our consultants have been researching the business potential of virtual environments for a considerable amount of time.

Security Services - You have built your virtual world. You want to protect your investment. Let us show you how to "lock down" your environment from security breaches that come in many shapes and forms. You spent the time and the effort on building your environment. Let us help you protect this investment.

Property Leasing and Facility Rental - You want to get started, but are not ready for the full investment into your own simulator (sim). Talk to us about the many different options available for securing some virtual space, or using the facilities we already have.

Custom Interior Designs - You have a project, and now it is time to add the finishing touches - like the interior design for your structures, or the external landscaping of your environment. You can select from our vast inventory of content for this purpose, or you can have custom designs specific to your project.

Custom Services - Not really sure of what you need. Give us a call, and we can package our existing services in any form that suits your needs. If a service is not specifically mentioned, not a problem.

3D Content - If all you want is 3D content to make your own designs, check out our large inventory of content from buildings, lamps, clothes, flowers, plants, trees, and more. We have a nursery with over 100 varieties of landscaping items to choose from...or take the whole nursery.

Server Installation - Provide us with the server you want to use for your OpenSim implementation, and we will install all the necessary software for you ready to go. Upon delivery, a complete set of instructions will be provided.

The beauty of this type of consulting is that it does not require a face-to-face visit. We certainly can meet face-to-face, but we can also deliver our services entirely within a virtual environment. Why not use this capability to the fullest? Out designers are located all over the world. Who really needs real life office space when virtual worlds exist?