serious games initiatives

This section of the dedicated to the Serious Games Initiative.  Talk to a Linden.  Say that Second Life is a game.  They get real offended.  They should.  It is not a game. It is social networking.  It represents much of what is to come, and real soon.  The use of Virtual worlds, using gaming technology, for real world applications is a Serious Game.  If you are serious about the technology, and what is to come, you definitely should keep abreast of this amazing initiative that is taking off by leaps and bounds. You should also keep in mind some of the design aspects of the serious game initiative.

 There is an entire initiative dedicated to this concept.  The Serious Games Institute can provide you will some good reading material.

Here is a link to the Serious Games Source.  It contains a tremendous amount of information as it pertains to the future of serious games, the tools, and the people behind them. 

A great portal into a wealth of links pertaining to serious games.   You can spend hours at this site.  It is guaranteed you will walk away with an in depth knowledge of the future.

Serious games are not for entertaining, yet they use the technologies the permeate throughout the games for entertainment industry,  In addition to disciplines like education, health care, and the military some serious games strive to create a social impact.  They can be disruptive in both a positive and a negative way.  They can also be used quite effectively to tackle global business challenges.

We put this here because it is a good Textbook.  In fact, it is used at one of my classes at school.  It is highly recommended.  There are many other interesting books that are available on the topic.

Here is a great article as it pertains to incorporating serious games into the classroom.  It is going to happen. Are you ready?

Take a look at some of the potential "issues" of serious games as defined by CNET and others.