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This section will provide you with a wealth of reading material regarding virtual worlds, projects, and Second Life in general.  See what is happening with the amazing technology.  See what others are doing.  Get some ideas for your own endeavor. For a wealth of information on OpenSim, visit out OpenSim page on this site.

Please send us an email if you find any broken links.

Second Life is assumed to be a closed environment.  Well, not entirely true.  With the assistance of IBM, an avatar has been teleported out of Sl and into another virtual world.  This is a huge event which marks the coming a new era in virtual technology.  New 3D virtual technology applications are being made available for personal use.  Teleporting between these applications will be essential to the success of the technology.

Texas Technical College announced plans to deliver a certificate program in Digital Media in Second Life.  This is the first of this kind.  It is certain that future full programs will be developed by many schools using virtual technology.

Using virtual technologies to deliver high quality education systems is increasing rapidly.  Thousands of schools have a presence in Second Life and the numbers are growing..  The information provided at site 1 and site 2 can be useful in providing detailed information on using virtual technologies for educational purposes. The use of Second Life (and other tools) can serve as the ideal virtual learning environment.

Here is an interesting article about the new CEO at Linden Labs only after 2 months on the job.  You will find his assessment of the company quite interesting.

BM and Linden Labs to develop universal standards as IBM increases its presence in Second Life. With the advent of OpenSim, IBM is also increasing its presence there by providing integrated applications to its customers.

Real Life Businesses and Corporations have a presence in SL.  Click Here for a mere small list of the many that exist.

So can you make a living in SL?  Who knows, but Click Here for more information.

We all see many people in SL who let's say exaggerate their successes.  In addition, many want to start a project, and have limited information at their disposal.  One of the places to keep an eye on is the SL statistics page.  Click Here and be informed.  Many think the Second Life economy is in a recession (or worse).  Click Here for more information.

This section serves to provide some useful links in Second Life.  Our designers have an extensive amount of experience navigating to the wealth of places that exist in this community. Throughout our explorations, we have found a number of places that can save you a significant amount of time in your projects. Of course, you would like to create your own environment with your own special touches.  Yet, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when a lot of items already exists.  Put your energy into the delivery of your content, rather than recreating something that is readily available.

The links that will be provided here are highly recommended by us for a variety of different solutions.  It is important to note, that except for our own store, those listed below have no affiliation with our company.  In fact, many do not know they are even listed here.  We just find these places have great solutions at a reasonable price.

Please NOTE:  The links to the places listed below are in SLURL format.  When you click on a link, you will be brought to a web page that shows you the Second Life link to teleport to.  You can either be logged into Second Life, or the link will then bring you to the Second Life login screen.

Creative Twists Store This is our store.  Why pay a lot for some of the more common items like furniture, pools, jeans, animations, and more.  The store is a marketing research project rather than a money maker.  Come take a look.


Crystal Gadgets Lots of free tools that come in handy.  Some of the tools are available for minimal cost.  Check out PrimFinder.  Many other tools available.


Mystical Cookie Designs The home of Mystitool, and other useful items.  Mystitool contains many features including some security features that will certainly come in handy.


Script Foo's Scripts & Tools Some useful tools including a Freeview Open Source TV


VIRGIX Scripts All kinds of scripts either for free or for a very low cost. Many of these scripts are extremely useful for you projects.


Heart Garden Center Hands down, for landscaping, this is the best place in SL.  You do not need to go anywhere else.


CC Sandbox - 8196sqm. Large sandbox to let your imagination go wild.  Plenty of space to be creative.  Make sure you follow the posted rules.


CC Sandbox - 4096sqm Smaller sandbox right across from the above.  This sandbox is jammed packed with tutorials, tools, and other useful resources.  Again, make sure you follow the posted rules. College ITS/171/216/26