training & more

Training is important. It is actually critical. When designing virtual worlds, there are so many things that one needs to know to get up to speed in a reasonable timeframe. The learning curve associated with the myriad of tools is very steep. Second Life is difficult within itself, however, if you are using OpenSimulator (OpenSim) the difficulty is heightened as it is alpha software that is quite unstable in nature. Here are some of the things that are important for success:

Navigation - Though simple to some, navigating in a virtual world can be frustrating to some. In addition to the basic navigation controls, there are some advanced controls that can certainly make a virtual environment a more comfortable one.

Places - If using Second Life, there are so many places to get to know and explore. This is important so you know what is available, what is free, what is reputable, and more.

Building Tools (Internal) - The building tools within Second Life are pretty extensive, but there is a steep learning curve required for one to master them.

Building Tools (External) - Getting content into Second Life can also require the knowledge of some powerful external (to SL) tools as well. The two prime examples are Photo Shop, and Poser. These tools also take some time to master.

Scripting / Programming - Well, this is not for everyone. Though most of the things you need for your project are already available, sometimes some custom and specific work is required.

Land, Traffic, and Groups - These items are critical to your success. One needs to know these inside and out.

Security - Protect your investment. As in any Internet endeavor, there is always the dark side where folks are out to "harm" others. It is no different in a virtual world.

OpenSim Server Installation, and Management - Since OpenSim is alpha level software with the documentation being quite vague at best, let us assist you in the implementation process (and the subsequent training). In addition, OpenSim is not Second Life. It looks the same, but there are many differences. Some of the differences are very powerful, while others can be frustrating.

Much More - The above items are key to success, but they are only a few to be mentioned here.

Use this web site that will be ever changing and full of content to help you get going. However, if the need exists, contact us, and let our team insure that you are moving in the right direction. At present, it is fun to create, and implement regardless of how it turns out. In the very near future, it will be the showcase of your enterprise in order to remain competitive with you competitors. The quality of your project will soon serve to be a reflection of your brand regardless of the endeavor. Get going quickly with quality in mind - give us a call. We can provide the training necessary to get you started (and completed) on the right track.