some of our projects

This page serves to highlight some of the more interesting projects that we have worked on.  The pictures provided are pretty good, but they do not do the sites the true justice they deserve.  Therefore, follow the SLURL and visit the sites for yourself.  We try not to skimp on detail, yet we also try to maintain the lowest prim usage possible,


In an effort to display the Master's Courses for Champlain College, the Graduate Center was constructed to be a showcase for the programs.  In addition to providing a wealth of information, the center is furnished with classrooms, conference tables, and a lounge area.  There are also some desks and laptops where one can view pictures of the actual campus.

On the third floor is a classroom with a large screen tv that not only displays videos, but the campus pictures are also looping on the screen.  There is plenty to see here.  There are also links to the website where the Master's programs are featured.

SLURL: College ITS/105/58/28


After an amazing trip to the Netherlands and this fine restaurant, it was decided to create an exact duplicate of the establishment.  It was a team project.  The goal was to test the team concept as well as test the tools present in Sl to their near fullest.  Many real life pictures were setup surrounding the building site.  This included pictures from the inside and the outside.  We wanted it to be perfect!!

What did we get?  Well you have to see it.  If you have been to the restaurant in the Netherlands, and you visit this one, the similarities are striking!

Go take a look for yourself.  Go sit inside.  You almost feel like a server will be out any second to take your order.



Well what can one say about this ship?  Designer, Scubby Doobie spent a considerable amount of time building this ship as a side project.  Little by little this ship was built in the sky above the campus sandbox.  The detail on this vessel is astounding.  many of the textures used in this project were created by Scubby using Photoshop.

Follow the SLURL below and explore the detail that exists throughout.  Or just sit here and relax, and watch the sunset and the view of the surrounding islands.

Contact Scubby Doobie in-world if you would like a copy of this ship (or a modified one) for your harbor.

SLURL: Student Creativity/215/251/26


Champlain College is located in Burlington, Vermont.  This was actually the first project we ever performed, and it is always in a state of change.  It was designed with the purpose to have a campus look and feel along with the Vermont look and feel as well.  Take your time and view the three islands that compose this property. 

Though many of the buildings were pre-fabs, two of the buildings were duplicated from the actual campus, and other building were constructed to provide a unique look and feel.

For more information on the school, visit:

SLURL: College ITS/149/106/27