opensimulator (opensim) - information page

This page provides a variety of links to OpenSim related articles, information, development activities and more.  Stay tuned here for breaking news and developments.  OpenSim development is rapidly changing constantly.  If you wish to start an OpenSim project, do not hesitate to send us an email.  We over a variety of services to get you up and running as quickly as possible. For now, however, this page will offer a selection of links to provide as much information on OpenSim as possible. Send us an email if you find a link that may be useful.

Keep abreast of the development efforts as they happen by visiting the official OpenSim web pages. Information from Wikipedia pertaining to OpenSim.  A good general location to find out about OpenSim.

Take a look at a wide wide range of OpenSim reference material. It is a one stop location for the information that you might bee looking for.

One Tutorial with some extra resource links that can help you get up and running.  There are some real useful tips on the site. Another helpful set of tutorials and hints that can be of great use.  Discover answers to some of the questions that you may have.
  Make your own animations with Qavimator.

Make your own Sculpties with SculptyPaint.

L3DT Terrain Generator.
An in depth look at understanding hypergrid can be found on the official OpenSim wiki site.

Keep abreast of the weekly changes to OpenSim by viewing the blog of one of the developers.

Viewers & Backup Utilities

Download the Hippo Viewer.

Download the OpenLife Viewer.

Download the Meerkat Viewer.

Download Second Inventory.

Download the RealXTend Viewer.