Music Streams


This page contains a complete set of music streams that will allow you to either list to on your SL land, or allow you to listen to on your computer outside of SL.

You will need to have access to the Media Tab on the land where you ant these to play.

NOTE:  If you have a radio from SL that has a menu with a notecard configuration file, you can load these streams into the notecard.  Make sure you follow the strict format for the notecard for your particular model radio.

If you would like to have the latest in multimedia technology to play these music strams, and change the playing stream with just a click or two, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please notify us of any broken links. Please close this page when you are done.


Description Video URL
Luxuria Music
lndependent Irish and Celtic Music
Linden Radio
Baroque Radio
The Chillout Lounge
Air FM Dublin
Uniersity Western Ontario
Broadway World Radio
FM Chillout
Classic Electronica
DJ Mixes

Drum and Bass
Euro Dance
Future Synth Pop
PSY Trance
Gabber di Gabber
Hard Core
Hard Dance
FM House
FM Lounge
Progressive House
FM Trance
Vocal Trance
Paris Live
Idobi Music
Kink FM
Live Ireland
Martini Morning
Media Merlin
Oslo University
Radio Pepito
Dance and Trance
Best of 80s
Best of 70s
Bossa Nova
Contemporary Christian
Sky FM Country
Mostly Classical

Classical Guitar
Classic Rap
Classic Rock
Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
Modern Jazz
New Age
Roots Reggae
Piano Jazz
Simply Soundtracks
Smooth Jazz
Uptempo Smooth Jazz
Solo Piano
Top Hits
XRM Radio