about creative twists designs

Creative Twists Designs is a virtual company.  Yes, we do have a physical real world address, but we are located anywhere you want us to be.  Though virtual companies are typically defined as using videoconferencing, and other forms of telecommunications, we use virtual reality to locate our company.  In essence, our company is worldwide.  Designers not only are physically located in Vermont, they are also in the Netherlands, UK, Canada, and in California. Virtual companies will proliferate as virtual worlds prevail across the Internet.

The designers of the company have many years of technical experience, educational experience, interior design experience, along with post graduate academic degrees.  The company is new, but so is the field.  The use of Second Life and OpenSimulator (OpenSim) has expanded dramatically.  Universities, corporations, other schools, and non-profit enterprises are exploring the possibilities devoting numerous hours to make this technology a reality.  When it comes to websites, only 10% of the users create their own websites.  When it comes to a virtual world, over 90% of the users are building virtual environments in some way, shape, or form. However, the tools are somewhat complex with a steep learning curve. Developing an expertise to build a quality world takes a considerable amount of time.  Of course one can piece things together that are functional, but the result is usually of limited quality.  Let us take you on a tour, and show you what we mean.

The concept is still nebulous to many.  Currently, it may appear there is no reason to make use of this technology.  However, the VR explosion will be more furious that the dotcom explosion years ago.  Soon, in order to remain competitive, every current Internet entity will have to embark on a VR project for their endeavors. To build a successful environment, three components are necessary to achieve success:

  1. Content knowledge.  You, the customer, possess this knowledge more than anyone else.  This is important.  An example is pedagogy in education. Teachers understand this concept.  So do our designers.

  2. Science knowledge - This topic includes art, multi-media, programming, physics, object construction, animation, environment, landscaping, and much more.  Without a knowledge of this area, how can one implement pedagogy, for example?  How can one discover new forms of pedagogy?  Using just science in your implementation will most likely result in a world that is unusable by many.

  3. Game Theory and Design - The Game industry has been successful in creating revenues beyond even what Hollywood has done over the years.  Yet, many of us do not see the failures, and there are many.  Many things can make or break the success of a game.  So too, many things can make or break a virtual world for real life purposes.  A virtual world with only game theory factored into the implementation will be just a fantasy land riddled with eye-candy.  The other components are required.

The technology is new, and mostly in its embryo stages of full widespread use.  Contact us and we can help you understand how it can fit into your organization.  We will take you on a tour, and explain exactly what makes a quality implementation.