There is no intention to fill this group with a bunch of unreasonable rules. On the other hand, there still needs to be a few rules and regulations so that the overall satisfaction of the group is maintained. Please read these carefully so that you fully understand them at all times.

Purpose - This is an educational group. Yes, there are a lot of things that go on within the confounds of Second Life. They each have their purpose. However, this group is for educational purposes only. This includes, but is not limited to: educational research, training, educational events, educational discussions, learning of any kind, classes, training, seminars, gatherings of folks with a similar educational mission, and anything education related.

Group Notices - Only the officers of the group can post a notice. This does not preclude group members from announcing their events. If you would like a notice sent to all group members, contact one of the officers of the group, and they will be glad to oblige you. Send a note card with the exact wording of what you need posted. It may be required (in rare cases) that you identify your real information in order to validate your purpose. Group officers can be found in the Group Info tab for the group.

Group Chat - Group chat is for educational purposes only (see above)! Any other purpose will be considered a violation of the use of the group. The Officers and Facilitators of the group are responsible for keeping the Chat in accordance with the rules. If an inappropriate use occurs, residents SHOULD NOT engage at all with the violator under any circumstances. Ignore them! There is a no tolerance rule. Violators will be ejected from the group. If a group chat happens and it is in accordance with the rules, it is not considered spam. If you do not want to partake in the chat, just close your group chat session. Group members, in a group chat, should make every attempt to move the discussion to voice, or to an separate IM.

Membership - At present all group members can invite residents to the group. In addition, there is Open Enrollment (from time to time) for the group at no charge. Anyone who wants to learn is entitled to group membership.

Group Facilities - Group members have near full access to all the facilities hosted or sponsored by the group. In addition to any posted rules for the facilities, group members should respect each other. "Griefing" will not be tolerated! Please report any violations to one of the officers of the group. Violators will be banned from the facilities.

Real Life Students - There will be, on an ongoing basis, college students taking Real Life classes on the group facilities. You are encouraged to talk to them, and inquire as to what they are doing. Please take special care to be considerate to what they are doing. Any violations will result in being ejected from the group, as well as action being taken above and beyond the routine AR process. In addition, most of the students will be highly technical software engineers. Though the students also have rules of engagement they need to follow, the Owner and Officers of the group are NOT responsible for any action taken by the student. Knowing their strengths, I would not really go overboard messing with them. They are to follow similar rules to what is mentioned above.

A lot of time and effort goes into this group for the good of all residents of Second Life. This is all volunteer work. Please respect what we are trying to do, and also respect colleague group members. Let's all work together for the common good of the mission. In the meantime, keep on learning.