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Posted 8/1/09

We have recently added a great deal of content and tools to the Campus sandbox.  The number of visitors each day is astounding.  We thank you for your patronage.  We will contine to add as time permits.

It has been a long while since we posted here.  A lot has been happening as far as our work with OpenSimulator (OpenSim).  The development efforts are progressing dramatically.  A great deal of functionality has been added with much more yet to come.

On the other hand, the software is still as unstable as can be.  One has to really have a lot of patience dealing with it on a day to day basis.  Even though the functionality is quite impressive, the instability is quite depressing (but it is coming along).

We currently have a server running with 15 populated regions.  We do not pay anything for these regions.  Additional servers are being assembled with more grids to come.  When we decide what we will do with these grids, we will send out a notice to the group. It is hard to explain the work we have accomplished, but the grid is impressive.  If anyone would like to take a private tour, send a notecard to Johnnyfender Boa in Second Life.

One of the weakest aspects of the software is the documentation.  It really requires quite a bit of technical expertise (along with a great deal of patience).  However, what you can accomplish is beyond belief.  Come take a look.

Because the documentation is not for the ill at heart, we do offer installation services and training to get you going.  Again, contact Johnnyfender Boa via notecard in Sl if you are interested.

 We do strongly recommend everyone getting their feet wet with the technology as it is rapidly advancing with more and more servers and grids being brought online each and every day.  It is the future. The need for experienced designers is slowly becoming a very lucrative reality.

At the present time, we have no intention of hosting regions for individuals.  It is not our core business.  Yes, Second Life offers the ability to network with a larger population, but the population isn't that vast.  Linden Labs continues to retain only about 10% to 12% of its customers.  You can still maintain your relationships within SL, but do everything else you need to do in OpenSim.  SL is really not the place to draw extensive amounts of attention to "branded" places (including schools).

Currently our core business is the design and creation of large amounts of content for corporations of significant size (who are pouring tons of money into the technology). 

If you want to get started and need content, please give us a shout.