CC International-SL is one of the largest (if not the largest) educational group in Second Life, and membership is continuously growing. It costs nothing to become a member. There are no fees for you to pay after you become a member.

From time to time, Open Enrollment is enabled, and you can join the group on your own. You can do this by clicking on the Search button, then click on the ALL tab. Type in CC International for your search criteria. When The group comes up, go to the group information page and Join for $0. If Open Enrollment is closed, there are two other ways to join the group. This first way is that any member can send you an invitation. The second way is just click on one of our signs at the sandboxes, and request to join the group. By visiting the campus facilities will automatically get an invite sent to you. We usually fall behind in processing these invitation lists, but you will be invited. (Sometimes we fall so far behind, that you may have already joined. Please excuse us if you get a duplicate invite.

Being a CC International-SL group member entitles you to a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Training Classes - We do offer training classes on a periodic basis. The classes range from a variety of topics. These classes are free to all members of the group.

Use of the Sandboxes - There are two sandboxes that are made available to members. One is a 4096sqm sandbox, and the other is a 8192sqm sandbox. The sandboxes contain a significant amount of tutorials and tools to help you get up to speed on building, texturing, scripting, and much much more. Take advantage of these areas, and let your creativity run wild.

Multimedia and Other Tools - as you know, many items in Second Life are protected to the owner or the group. There are many tools set to this group. When required, set your group tag to the group, and the tools become available to use.

Facility Usage - We all know that getting funding for Second Life projects can be both lengthy and difficult. In the meantime, if you want to get started, all of the campus facilities are available for use to group members for educational purposes only. Just let us know so we can make sure no other event requires the same space you selected.

Long Term Space Usage - This is the same as above. if you really want to work on a project, or get some experience without making the full commitment to your own parcel, contact us. We do have space available, or can acquire some for your specific needs. We are not in the land business, nor do we plan to be. In fact, as long as we cover our expenses for the period, we are happy. We usually charge significantly less than you can get it anywhere. keep in mind, a long term usage arrangement, also entitles you to use the entire facility on a more reserved basis.

Free Tools - We develop some of our own tools to use for educational purposes. Group members can have access to the tools either for free or at a minimal cost. We charge sometimes so we can use the funds to pay students to perform additional development work.

Access to a Large Network of Experts - Membership in the group is growing at rapid rates. In addition to residents in Sl to both have fun, and to learn, the group contains a large number of researchers, educators, developers, scripters, and heavy duty technical folks. get answers from these folks. Get connected!