places of Interest

The following are some places of interest that we highly recommend.  The links provided are in SLURL format.  You will receive a login / teleport request to get there.  have fun!

What is a sandbox?  Well, it is a section of virtual land in Second Life where you can build, and be creative.  We have two sandboxes.  One is 4096sqm, and the other is 8192sqm.  The sandboxes are also loaded with tools and tutorials that can help you learn on your own.  The sandboxes are open to the general public.  Make sure you read and understand the rules of the sandboxes.

The following Second Life URL's (SLURL) will get you to the sandboxes: College ITS/171/216/26


The Tropical Island - Want a place to have fun where at the same time you can test Second Life for your educational endeavors?  The island has several facilities for your use along with a number of outdoor meeting locations.  Just let us know ahead of time to insure someone else is not using it.  Have a class, or just sit and have a chat.  Oh, you can also enjoy the water toys available on the beach.  It costs you nothing except your time. Oh, I forgot to tell you, it snows on the island as well. Student Creativity/92/158/24



Well this was our latest project.  What to do with a class of 10?  Spend time going over pie menus, and arrow keys, or just do something.  Well, we opted to do something - duplicate a restaurant in the Netherlands.  See the photos we used to do the construction.  Click the sign for a notecard about the project.  Hey, if you take a closer look you can even see a couple of the RL us! (I think we look a lot better than our avatars). ERNST ISLAND/151/75/27