The use of virtual reality will soon change the face of the Internet as we know it today. In addition, it will change the way Education is delivered in the not so distant future. These pages are dedicated to the research underway by many who want to use this technology for educational purposes. The site is also dedicated to those who want to learn, and be a part of the upcoming "web explosion" that is just on the horizon.

In the early days of the Web as we know it today, the scientists, schools and researchers were in the forefront in making it happen. Once again, this is happening in the world of virtual reality. With the early invention of the computer, many thought it would dramatically change education in a way never before seen or imagined. Well, this never happened.

It is the firm belief of this group, that Virtual Reality has the potential to change not only the Internet, but also the delivery of quality educational systems. Regardless of what people say, Virtual Reality will soon be the dominant force on the Internet. CC International-SL is one of the largest educational groups in Second Life, and it is growing by leaps and bounds. Membership is open to the general resident population. If you want to be connected with what is happening, please feel free to join the group. As the CC International web pages grow, you can also visit the Creative Twists pages that contain a myriad of pages dedicated to being informed about the technology. Please bear with us as we create this.

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