The use of virtual reality will soon change the face of the Internet as we know it today. Unlike in the past where virtual reality was an expensive endeavor, the available tools and the speed of the Internet make it a possibility never before imagined. Corporations, non-profit agencies, schools, and researchers are investing millions of dollars and hours making it possible. However, though the technology is there, the expertise in designing vivid, vibrant, and dynamic worlds is not. Many go into a virtual endeavor, and in a short period of time end up with a barren wasteland.  The concept of "if you build it, they will come" does not apply. A little more thought needs to be applied along with carefully planned traffic generation techniques. Though still in its early stages, Gartner reports that by the year 2011, 80% of all active Internet users will have a "second life".


The designers and consultants at Creative Twists Designs are not only educated in the field of Virtual reality, we are also experienced in the design techniques and the tools to make it happen. Take a look at all we have to offer.  Whether it be designing, building, content design and creation, training, or the full project, we can bring your organization to the next level.

Even if you have not yet decided, give us a call, and we will be glad to come and and present to you the options to consider. We guarantee the presentation will "blow you away".

The 3D Internet and Virtual Worlds are on the horizon.  Get involved now to be ready for the next generation technologies and applications.  Initial users get the benefit for their business. The stragglers are merely forced to adopt to stay alive. You decide if you:  want to wait for things to happen; wonder what happened, or make things happen!